Reporting and Record Keeping Procedures

Part and parcel of the imperatives to make sure a drug free place of business is the want to guard the privateness of all personnel, particularly on subjects of health and, in some cases, substance abuse. This consists of not best who has access to urine take a look at results, but how facts are kept to maintain controls on that get right of entry to.

First, every organization should have a designated Medical Review Officer (MRO), who is by means of definition a clinical or osteopathic medical doctor (MD or OD) operating under the regulated duties of the Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs using Urine. MROs additionally want specialised training mainly to check and affirm federally mandated drug trying out consequences.

Beyond evaluate and verification, urine check results need to be managed according to federal regulations for reporting and recordkeeping. These requirements fall on the MRO as well, and encompass the following:

1. Documentation of all written and oral communications with tested people (“donors”), creditors, federal company representatives, and laboratory employees.

2. Oversee retention and storage of drug check records to make sure the confidentiality, integrity, and available of the records.

3. Limit get right of entry to to any statistics transmission, garage and retrieval machine. This requires the MRO to have a file management process to make sure right disposition of these facts, which includes a plan to make certain renovation of the statistics even within the case of a business discontinuation.

4. Honor requests from a donor, supplied in a written request, to get entry to facts of his or her drug check.

5. Honor a subpoena or court order for get right of entry to to the data, if wished.

6. The drug take a look at effects must be retained for at the least 2 years from the date of series. Hardcopy data may be destroyed after 6 months while a conversion to digital facts is made.